CADS Partner with Sahara Mining Services in West Africa

Latest News / CADS Partner with Sahara Mining Services in West Africa
CADS Partner with Sahara Mining Services in West Africa

CADS Aerial are expanding their UAV services into West Africa in a partnership with the region’s leading mining technical services provider, Sahara Mining Services.

CADS experience working with the latest technology within the Australian aviation regulations, teamed with the local expertise of Sahara Mining Services means that they can offer the West African mining industry a suite of high-quality services to help them discover, define and mine their deposits using data that has never been so safe, easy and cost-effective to gather.

Sahara operate two UAVs based in their offices in Accra and Ouagdougou, ready to be mobilised anywhere in West Africa with a minimum of cost or hassle. Their operators have been trained on-site by the CADS team, and they have implemented the same safety, maintenance, flight operations systems that CADS operates under in Australia. All flight operations are planned in conjunction with CADS to ensure that operating standards are maintained and the data captured will meet or surpass the client’s needs. Precision surveyed ground control is used for all work that requires high accuracy, and the data is processed and reported remotely from Perth on powerful computers in the Sahara office in Accra.

Clients are starting to demand new levels of spatial and visual data capture that traditional survey methods cannot deliver. Companies operating in West Africa have many additional challenges including access issues, a lack of skilled surveyors, overseas staff wanting imagery to monitor progress, and traditional aerial mapping being prohibitively expensive. The introduction of UAV technology into this market is an exciting move, and as clients learn about the new opportunities available CADS and Sahara will expand their fleet and bring in new solutions to meet the demand.