Challenging Aerial Survey of Argyle Diamond Mine

Latest News / Challenging Aerial Survey of Argyle Diamond Mine

Recently CADS Survey, together with C.R. Kennedy and Aibotix, surveyed one of the world’s largest diamond mines, succeeding in a negative waypoint flight. The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in Western Australia in the eastern remote region of the Kimberley.  This mine produces the largest volume of diamonds, approximately a fifth of the world’s production.

The challenge in the aerial survey of the Argyle mine was not only the flight perspective from below and from the side, but that a negative waypoint flight had to be created.  This means the Aibot X6 V2 had to follow the previously created waypoint plan, which was 100 meters below the pilot’s position.  The Aibot X6 passed this challenge with flying colors.  Overall, the operation of the 300 metre deep mine took place with a pixel size of 6cm and a distance of 70 hectares with 8 flights.  With the collected data, both 3D models and point clouds were created.

CADS Survey will continue to work with the senior surveyor from Rio Tinto at their Argyle Diamond Mine, using the X6 Copter to monitor the mine for subsidence on a monthly basis.