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Laser Scanners

Laser scanners are becoming increasingly predominant within the survey industry due to the vast quantities of data the scanners are able to capture in a very short period of time.

Scanners can be used for a multitude of survey tasks ranging from close range high precision surveys to long range mid precision surveys.

Recognising that different scanners are required for different applications, CADS currently utilises the following scanners;

Trimble FX: Built primarily for the close range capture of high accuracy 3d data. Common tasks for a FX are collection of 3d data for reverse engineering design or for high accuracy as-built information. The FX is capable of working at ranges up to 80m and demonstrates a sub millimetre accuracy at ranges less than 50m. Data collection rate is up to 216,000 points per second.

Trimble VX: A scanner that has been built into a total station built for lower resolution scans. Capable of capturing up to 15 points per second, with a range of up to 250m it is best suited to applications such as local earthworks, pit excavations, deformation, monitoring and stockpile survey.

Riegl VZ 1000: Capturing up to 122,000 points per second and returning sub 10mm accuracy for ranges up to 1.4km, the Riegl VZ 1000 is built for large scale capture of survey data in a very small amount of time. Vehicle mounted, and combined with GNSS positioning, the power of the Riegl is vast when it comes to fast capture of 3d surfaces, particularly for bulk earthworks applications.