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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Recent advances in UAV technology and photogrammetric software have delivered a cost effective solution to capture highly accurate 3D data from an airborne platform. So large have been these advances, that now the applications for aerial acquisition have expanded greatly.

There are two types of UAV’s that have been developed for aerial survey work – fixed wing and multi-copter style platforms. CADS can offer both platforms as both types of UAV has advantages over the other dependent on the task at hand.

Multi-Copter: Our Aeronavics SkyJib 6 radio controlled multi-copter is well suited to flying survey in areas where there are large vertical changes (such as building / construction areas) as well as route surveys such as roads, pipeline, bridges, jetties and rail. It’s manoeuvrability in the horizontal and vertical direction also makes it the perfect tool for gathering imagery or real time inspection of assets in locations that are either unsafe or difficult to access.

In addition to our custom-built survey craft, we also have an Aeronavics X4 multi-copter that is capable of carrying higher payloads for professional photography and videography tasks. Capture is up to 4K resolution video and the stability of the captured images is unparalleled, using a state-of-the-art 3-axis camera gimbal.

Fixed Wing: Our senseFly eBee provides an aerial platform capable of capturing large amounts of imagery in a small amount of time. By flying a series of parallel flight lines across an area, the eBee is capable of capturing enough imagery to generate a 3D surface model of a 50 hectare plot of land in less than an hour to a vertical accuracy of around 3cm. The eBee is perfect for the survey of mine pits, earthworks cut / fill volumes, agricultural data collection and general topographical survey and land fill sites.